Maria Johnson
Managing Director | Little School
Maria Johnson | Managing Director -- Little School

Maria Johnson is the managing director of the Little School, a company made up of private preschools for children 2-5 years old at Kelburn, Khandallah and St Heliers, and 16 months through 5 years old at Churton Park. Little School focuses on the value of children receiving a well-rounded education early in life as it promotes healthy development. The schools provide children with a fun and nurturing environment that stimulates the children’s minds. Ms. Johnson has been in her position for the past 12 years and is recognized for her ability to lead and empower her team. In her position, she is responsible for running the organization, trying to grow and develop the business for the last five years, handing over responsibility to the staff in New Zealand, looking to open locations in China, and serving on various boards, including being a part of an entrepreneur association and serving as the president of the early childhood council. Ms. Johnson also trains staff, engages the community, and helps to guide the government on policies and procedures. She attributes her success to having a goal and sticking to it, as well as her hard work, determination, strong sense of values to guide her, belief in what she is doing and team, as she couldn't have done it without them. Looking toward the future, Ms. Johnson plans to become well established in China, open training institutes in China and train Chinese teachers to understand that the child is the heart of the curriculum. Eventually, she will go to the Middle East to do the same thing.

Maria Johnson
Managing Director
Little School
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